Cool Your Jets. An ethos in itself that conceived the birth of something truly different.
Three Jets, once worlds apart and kings of their own destiny were brought together by tragedy.

The team has trained extensively and rigorously at various Dojo’s like Tennant Mckay, Pollen, Urban Brew, Addiction UK, Masters and Savant to name a few…until the levels of Sensei they were under bestowed upon them the gift of changing the world through beautiful and thought-provoking visual creations. For this they would like to thank them.

Their creed : Think. Create. Design. Direct. Animate.

Their Weaponry: Logo Design, Illustration, Broadcast Design, Channel Branding, Motion Graphics, On-Air Identities, Promo Graphics, Presentation Graphics and Music Videos. (Also their minds and fists).

Werner was the worlds premier ice-hockey star with the world in front of him and a string of broken hearts behind him. After having the very top within his grasp, a foul move from his hockey nemesis proved too much for his worn skates and left him unable to ever hit the ice again. After this he went on a 2 year bender of womanising and bar hopping, until he found his way again in Karate.
Ben.Glide.Freedom. Three words the world held as synonymous. Was there a mountain that couldn’t be defeated by his majestic wings? A landscape that didn’t boast his eagle eye having surveyed from the highest heights? A falcon that didn’t shudder in his majesty? Not until that fateful day of the GlideWorld championships, where he crashed into an unidentified flying government space craft leaving him without the use of his left wrist, and has never hit the air waves since. Was he getting too close to the truth? You decide.
Matt surfed. Since he was 2, it was all he had ever known. Surfed Waves, Wind, Dreams, Injustice, but mostly the system. He had a desire to be the best of all land/water based sports as a platform for real extreme social change, a grassroots movement some whispers would say. Volleyball, Squash, Table Tennis, none were a match for his electric skills, and next in his sights = Beach Mania 3000, the premier beach competitive festival of extreme beach mania, where Dane Redshield the wealthy owner of Kana Wai Island sent assassins to destroy Matt before the world could learn what he wanted to do. Matt was found on the coast of South Africa early in 2011 after not being heard from for 8 years.
One fateful day, these three were all drawn together as spectators at the Karate World Championships in 2011. All of a sudden the abominable Dane Redshield appeared on the tele-screens where he announced he would blow up the Karate event and everyone there, and then destroy the worlds creativity! Well these three heroes just jumped at the opportunity to save the day and after meeting, combined their sports expertise to diffuse the bomb and save everyone’s lives. The three vowed on that day as a brotherhood they would work their hardest to stop any madman throughout the world that wants to destroy either Karate or creativity.
This infiltration on the creative world has only begun, where they believe that every job deserves to be beautiful, every brief should be treated like gold, and every single frame should be a piece of art.
Cool Your Jets would be this incarnation.
It is now a brand new, fresh company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

They strive to push boundaries in new ways and mediums to create work. By working together, building, having fun, painting, drawing and filming.

Prepare to Cool Your Jets! Prepare for the masters of the Design Universe! Excelsior!

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